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互信 mutual trust

Mutual trust and confidence are the foundation atone of all friendship .


诚信 credibility

We should speed up the establishment of a social credibility system .


品德 morality

Personality includes morality , character , interests and self-qualification , reflecting a person's whole spirit .


创新 innovation

We must press ahead with the building of a national innovation system .


共赢 all-win

We will continue to work hard to develop with all other countries and regions in the world an economic relationship that features cooperation , mutual benefit , all-win and common prosperity .


欺诈 fraud

This will put a premium on fraud .


代价 cost

If it is not being achieved or if it or if it is being achieved at a very heavy cost , which is politically not sustainable , then the government must look for other options .


社会文明 social civilization

Labor is the motivation of social civilization , and it is the initiative source that creates wealth .


假冒伪劣产品 fake commodities

Fake commodities can bring about great loss to both country and private property .


社会危害 harm to society

Therefore , fake diplomas disturb the normal order of job markets and do great harm to society .


学术造假 academic cheating

Academic cheating refers to the phenomenon of cheating in academic works , or in other words academic dishonesty .


诚实为上策 Honestly is the best policy

"Honesty is the best policy" was his creed in all his business dealings .


减少浪费 reduce waste

We must pursue every possible opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce waste .


促进改革 promote reform

We will unswervingly promote reform and opening up and strive for breakthroughs in key areas and crucial links .


减轻负担 reduce the burden of……

We need to reduce the burden of taxes that impoverish the economy .


调整产业结构 adjust the industrial structure

To adjust the industrial structure is one of the strategies for economic development and one of the measures to promote the market economy in China .


物质文明、精神文明一起抓 pay equal attention to the material progress and cultural progress

形成文明、健康、崇尚科学的良好社会风尚 form civilized , healthy and science-upholding social practice



网恋 cyber romance

Cyber romance is a dangerous game . Thus , you'd better refuse to chat with strangers in the midnight since you have no idea whether it is your father , grandma or a bad guy you don't know .


网购 online shopping

Online shopping makes it easy for you to make price comparisons .


团购 group shopping

Not everyone thinks group-buying and shopping online is the best way to save money .


秒杀 sec-kill

网店 online shop/store

A considerable number of students transition to the seller by the buyer , in the online shop has become a fashion and trends , but also a way of business students .


Whether you're working on a portfolio website , online store or Web app , making your pages easy and enjoyable for your visitors to use is key .


信誉 credit 

Ample credit also tends to feed into spending and asset prices . That makes people feel richer .


退款 refund

The Amazon Appstore , like Apple's App Store , does not have any sort of clear refund process or return window .


科学技术 science and technology

We should exert ourselves in the struggle for the modernization of science and technology .


沉迷网络 web-addiction

Web addiction has negative effect on the development of ego-identity .


电脑犯罪 computer crime

Sabotage is also an increasingly common type of computer crime .


电子商务 e-commerce

The first law of e-commerce is that if users cannot find the product , they cannot buy it either .


虚拟生活 virtual life

Most players live out virtual life with more than one character , as if they are trying out various facets of their persona .


信息时代 information era

The emergence of Information Network Anti - Counterfeit Technology is closely related to the coming information era .


网上冲浪 surf the Internet

They feel constrained—especially , perhaps , when they watch satellite television or surf the Internet .


电子书 electronic book

An ebook is an electronic book presented in a digital format .


网拍麻豆 net model

浏览器购物 monitor shopping

橱窗购物 window shopping

If not , window shopping can quickly become an expensive hobby !


网络书评 internet book review

His paper takes internet book review as an example to analyze present situation of library and give several suggestions for library's internet book review .


网上纠纷 online dispute 

Online Dispute Resolutions , like other Internet functions or services , develop and change quickly , so there is a need to master its latest development .


恶性骚扰 malicious harassment

Malicious harassment as the development of the telecommunications industry has become intensified , result in serious harm to society .


品质保证 quality guarantee

It has strict management system , complete quality guarantee system and fine pre-sale and after-sale service system .



自立 self-dependence

Tough is making the decision to replace self-pity , complaints and dependence with self-reliance , independence and action .


勤奋 diligence

If your talent combines with diligence , you can excel in your pursuit .


恒心 perseverance

Perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results .


幸福 happiness

The secret to happiness is to keep setting yourself new challenges .


不断努力 make constant efforts

Undoubtedly the cartoon conveys the meaning that life is like the process of running in which one should make constant efforts and never stop making progress .


缺乏自信 lack of confidence

Lack of confidence is almost as worst as low self esteem .


保持乐观 keep optimistic

So long as we keep optimistic , confident and courageous and begin again , victory is not far away from us.


悲观的 pessimistic

There is no reason to be pessimistic about the future .


积极态度 positive attitude

Take immediate action to make these changes with enthusiasm and a positive attitude .


消极态度 negative attitude

Negative attitude may make you depressed , disappointed , querulous at your life , and make you self-close , restrict and kill your own potential .


取得成功 succeed , achieve success

The great thing is to show willing; whether you succeed or not does not matter .


It's how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success .


害怕失败 fear to lose

In the rat racethey try every means to stay on the top and the fear to lose the game inevitably wrecks their peace of mind .


自我实现 individual self-realization

In this manner , through free and creative play , individual releases his or her negative emotion and feeling , activates the psyche self-healing power , and achieves self-realization .


不遗余力去做某事 spare no efforts/pains to do, make great effort

They are determined to spare no efforts to scale the peaks in science and technology .


We should spare no pains to construct whole , harmonious and sustained society of harmony in China .


We should make great effort together , building up a natural home of diapason together .


坚持不懈地做某事 be persistent with sth./do with full persistence

Being patient while persistent with your goals is of utmost importance in negotiations of any kind .


Take on difficulties with persistence and patience .


尽一切努力取得成功 try every means to stay on top

In the rat race , they try every means to stay on the top , and the fear to lose the game inevitably wrecks their peace of mind .


经得住挑战与困难 stand up to/ withstand challenges and difficulties

Under such a circumstance , how to translate threats into opportunities , stand up to challenges in the predicament based on its own characteristics and blaze a suitable development path , has become a common issue confronting traditional paper media such as the press .


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